Who, Choux, …Phew

So, dear reader, the last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy in the run-up to graduation, getting over the con-lurgy and being kidnapped by kittens a week ago. I have also watched the first two episodes of Doctor Who and have Opinions. Thankfully, I’ve been able to boil said Opinions down into a couple of points, the discussion of which I’ve done my best to keep short, and I’ll then get onto pastry and graduation. Naturally, there are spoilers for the first two episodes of the current series of Doctor Who.

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‘”It’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen’.”

Although this is what I planned to do next in terms of blog posts, this post is even more appropriate due to con-lurgy finally making itself known to my immune system. Over the course of the weekend I’ve developed a cough, sneezed more than the usual several-dozen-a-day and now find myself curled up on the sofa in the Big Grey Woolly I reserve for such occasions as Feeling Under the Weather. Now that my chest has, for the moment, stopped squeaking, it’s blog time.

So, gentle reader, because it was one of the more memorable parts of Nine Worlds, I present my thoughts on the Film Track’s Saturday midnight film, ‘Army of Frankensteins’. Alan Jones is having the worst day possible – his landlady’s demanding the rent, he’s had a fight with his girlfriend and he’s kidnapped by Doctor Finski, a scientist who’s attempting to bring an assembled man to life. Due to a rupture in the multiverse, Alan, Doctor Finski and his assistant are sent back in time to the American Civil War, along with a multitude of monsters copied from the original. A sci-fi classic meets one of America’s most memorable periods of history…

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Nine Worlds

Another post so soon after the first, you ask? Well, yes, I reply, because I’ve just been to Nine Worlds and learned many helpful things, one of which was that setting up a blog is a Good Idea and that it’s polite to introduce yourself first on said blog before launching into sharing your work. So, from the Wonderful Land of Nine Worlds (seriously, I had such a great weekend), I bring you a poem, written for the Creative Writing track’s open reading slam on Sunday evening.

This poem should be bigger,

This poem should be long,

This poem should have covered

Everything within this con.

But all that I remember,

All that I recall —

Apart from Monsterclasses, fiendish quizzes,

Whedon-squeeing, food-geek-being,

Beating up the writer’s block¬†and learning about¬†steam and clocks,

Story-writing, bubble football, poetry readings — is that all?

Ah, yes! That thing that I’ll recall,

My ultimate memory is:

William Shatner Karaoke

At the – Film – Fes – tival – Film…


Chapter One: I Am Born

….Or not, as writing this introduction to myself would take an extremely long time (unlike my birth, which was on the faster end of the chronological scale). Anyway, yes, hello – I’m Ness. I’m a writer. Or, at least, doing my best to become one. I’m also a Londoner (to return to the beginning, I was born in Hammersmith Hospital, which I think is now a mobile phone shop), a recent UCL graduate (keep an eye out for graduation photos at the end of this month) and a lover of all things considered geeky. I’ll be blogging about things I’ve written (and popping some of them up here), films that I’ve seen, books that I’ve read, cakes that I’ve baked and anything else that takes my fancy.

So, that’s my introduction to me. Come in, make yourself comfy, have a cup of your preferred hot beverage. The biscuits are under the Cthulu cushion.