Dear reader, it’s been an unproductive week due to some rather unpleasant lurgy – I’ve not managed to bake anything and as for writing, I managed only a small limerick about used tissues. Still, I’m feeling much better and the sun is shining: huzzah!

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Dear reader, I hope your week has been nice; mine has been productive, but tiring, so this comes to you from my second office, known colloquially as the sofa. It’s a good sofa, in spite of the sagging and the occasional creak, and provides a decent place to work from if I’m not feeling up to much else. This week’s entry includes Barney, nipping down to London and quite a bit of writing. The bug has bitten deep, dear reader.

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GNU Terry Pratchett

Dear reader, this week has been strange and sad. I didn’t manage to do any of the things that I’d intended to put in this post during the first few days of the week, due to doing my back in again. I’ve also spent the last few days watching the Discworld television adaptations and wandering around online feeling a bit lost, along with everyone else. So, I think I’ll save the story of how I did my back in again (it’s a good ‘un) and why I’ve started threatening Barney that I’ll turn him into a pair of legwarmers for next Sunday. If you’re not a fan of Terry Pratchett, dear reader, that’s fine and I shall hope you’ll be around next Sunday. I’d like this entry to be an addition to the online melting-pot of love for him: this is about why his writing is special to me.

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At least he’s leaving the mastick alone

Dear reader,

Happy International Women’s Day! Check out the very cool (and very sidelined) Rosalind Franklin, without whom Watson and Crick would’ve probably still been navel-gazing in the pub. Not that I’m biased or anything, dear reader. Anyway! The week didn’t go quite as planned (apologies for the non-appearance of cake recipes, but I couldn’t quite find the time while preparing for a friend’s visit), but there’s still some bits and pieces to talk about. Barney has also, as suspected, been extremely cute.

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