Dear reader, I’m afraid there won’t be an entry for today as my mother died this morning. I have quite a few things to deal with as a result, but normal service should resume in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, dear reader, please be kind to yourself and others.


Whisky and Apple Cake

Dear reader, it became Tuesday without Monday really happening at all, so I apologise for this post’s slight lateness. Anyway, on with the recipe for a normal-sized whisky and apple cake, which should serve about eight to ten people:

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Maths A-level vs 32 eggs

Dear reader, it’s been an odd couple of weeks – having intended to update last Sunday, fatigue set in to the point that it’s exhausted me just getting dressed. I don’t always know why I suddenly crash into several ‘bad days’, but this lot was probably due to a colossal triumph of experimental baking and not remembering to rest during the two days it took. Still, dear reader, the sun is again shining and I have Opinions on Things, as well as the more bumbling-type thoughts that I like to share on a warm Sunday afternoon.

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