Rhubarb and Vanilla Cake

Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-nanaa! I hope you enjoy making this, dear reader.

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They’re smiling, not grimacing, honest

Dear reader, I apologise for missing an entry last week – I’ve been going through a long period of fatigue, which is highly unpleasant and results in me not getting much done. It also means that I forget how to open a tin of beans and giggle hysterically if my knees start crunching, but the less said about that the better. Onwards to driving theory, cake and the delights of Lush: the Oxford Street edition, as well as an Exciting Announcement.

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“Feed me, Seymour.”

Dear reader, it’s been a curate’s egg of a week. It started off splendidly and then fatigue caught up with me around Thursday, which was annoying, but also made me aware that I’d had six ‘good’ days in a row. I was also able to host a technology-savvy friend as we’d arranged, even if I needed to take a couple of naps, and I’m in the process of making Experimental Birthday Cake (as the birthday person reads this blog, I shall be not-at-all-dramatically secretive about the flavour until next Sunday). On with the motley…

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I’m melting, melting!

Dear reader, as you may have noticed, hell opened up in England this week and everything has been on fire. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but it has been very bloody hot indeed. I certainly haven’t been exerting myself putting books into bookcases and it’s been far too warm to bake, much less do anything else productive. Still, I’ve not been sitting around doing nothing; I’ve been sitting around and planning a couple of things.

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