“I see you, villain!”

Dear reader, I have been Properly Unwell, complete with feeling a bit sorry for myself and chain-watching Doctor Who, with a range of unpleasant side effects from antibiotics. What with that and starting to sort out my mother’s possessions, I couldn’t have managed to write a blog entry even if you’d pointed a supersoaker filled with Nutella at my head. Still, the last couple of weeks have provided some interesting things.

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“Witness my banana.”

Dear reader, it’s been a week since Nine Worlds, which doesn’t feel quite right. Here’s my write-up-of-sorts – a small one because yesterday I cleared out my mother’s flat and I’m a bit tired (hence the slight vagueness of this entry).

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Dystopian London: The Unreal City

Dear reader,

Nine Worlds went splendidly – I’ll have a proper write-up/general decompressing post later, but for now here’s the talk I gave on Sunday morning, as promised. Please note this great big warning for torture, general discussion of sex, psychological manipulation and all the other merry things you might associate with dystopian literature. Also, it’s a bit long.

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