Inappropriate earworms and innovative ways of swearing

Dear reader, welcome to the ever-so-slightly-improved blog. It still needs some major tweaking, but look! A neutral colour scheme, with an image of the sea at Sheringham! Behold! Easy-to-click archive and category widgets! Witness! Me! Moving swiftly on, I think. This week has been surprisingly productive, given ongoing fatigue and both of my knees deciding to play silly buggers. Shortish entry this week, due to some tiredness and needingĀ  to get back to a story.

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Cosmetic, edible and normal

Dear reader, one or two days turned into a whole week… sorry about that. In my defence, fatigue is, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, highly unpleasant. Anyway! The last couple of weeks have been interesting, with some very nice shiny bits, some of which included glitter of various types. This is quite a short entry, as for the last few days my brain has felt like it’s made of wet cake. Wet fruit cake, at that.

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