An argument of socks

Dear reader, I’m alive! The surgery went very well and I’ve spent the week recuperating with my best friend, so while it’s been a zero on anything productive (alas, poor deadlines, I see you whoosh), it’s been an excellent week for self-care, investigations into toast and having more painkillers in my bloodstream than I’ve probably had in the last eight years. Good times.

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“Did you want a talkative cat?”

Dear reader, it’s been a week of surprises – the main one being that I’m going into hospital for some long-anticipated surgery tomorrow. I only got the call on Thursday so it’s all been a bit of a rush (and a confusion – trying to navigate around various appointments without any paperwork was a bit difficult on Friday). I have also done plenty of driving, both in-lesson and practice (the Dereham road is terrible). I’m a little nervous about tomorrow, and tired from cleaning and tidying so that I don’t have to worry about any household chores next week while I’m recovering, so here, rather appropriately, is the story of Barney, as this coming Tuesday marks his adoption day. Awww.

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It’ll also creak menacingly

Dear reader, I bring you good news, a recipe and plans. There was supposed to be a bit about Star Wars, but I’m so tired I can’t say much more than that I liked it, slightly amused by the Serious Facial Acting at the very end and I’m looking forward to the next film. Thankfully I was only spoiled for two events/plot elements in the film and one of them wasn’t wholly accurate, so bearing in mind I was about six weeks late I’m glad I managed to go in mostly not knowing what to expect.

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