“Y’know, they can actually fly.”

Crikey, dear reader – it’s been a while and many things have happened, including Gainful Employment. Not as much cake as I’d like, but with the Christmas period coming up I’m sure I’ll make up for lost time.


So! Writing-wise, things have stalled a bit. Turns out that I get a bit tired when starting a new job, funnily enough. And when moving home and still unpacking. And dealing with a few bits and bobs that life threw at me. And…yes. I didn’t make it to the open mic night in Bristol, sadly – I’d just finished my first week of work and ended up needing to spend a day in bed. I’m only just coming out of almost a month of very bad fatigue, the type that’s like a cross between flu and a bad hangover and means I’ve been spending the time I’ve not been working mostly in or on my bed, watching films and not managing to cook anything other than what I can bung into the oven. Still, the films were decent and there’s a Sainsbury’s where I change buses for work, so I could’ve been much worse off. I’m starting to feel like I have some spare brain again, so should manage to get back to writing the thing-that-appears-to-be-a-book. It’s still tootling around in my head and my hero has been stuck being cross about biscuits for over three months, so I really should at least give him a decent cup of tea and a plot point to make up for it. I’m still writing poetry, because it still seems that I have a hankering for open mic nights and such. Investigations are ongoing, I think.


I’ve been getting to know my home and its surroundings a bit more and making plans for the future, which include splashing out on Dulux (bad pun intended) and more fairy lights than may be legal. I quite like Mitcham; at the moment I mostly go through it on my way to work, but so far I’ve spotted a pink-carpeted car and a horse and buggy and had my bus stop to allow geese to cross from the pond to the common. I feel that’s a decent amount of quirk to be getting on with. Barney has been helping with the unpacking and investigating the new shelves for my office area to ensure he has his own space on them.

I’ve not managed to do much in the way of baking, but as I write this there’s a Christmas cake in the oven and I have plans for apple crumble. I also made some cheese scones last weekend, which are really a means of transporting concentrated cheese into your face. No bad thing, dear reader. I competed in Gamerbake, with a ginger and lemon cake (iced while severely fatigued, whoops), and I’ll be popping along to the next one with something festive.

In the next entry… goodness knows. At the pace I’m moving, or attempting to move, I may well next write with news that I’ve finally passed that ruddy driving test, or something else that would wrap up this year on a gentle positive. I’m pretty sure there’ll be something about cats and cake in the next entry, anyway. Thank you for reading.


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