Sometimes he jumps on my head

Dear reader, happy new year! I believe my 2016 will be full of good and excellent things, as well as some excellent cake.  I spent my New Year’s Eve on my sofa, Skyping in to a party in London – this was a lot of fun and made up for the fact I couldn’t get down to London thanks to the local cold.

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“Left – no, right – no, LEFT!”

Dear reader, it’s something of a short entry this week due to some pretty bad fatigue. Other than that, it’s been a decent week.

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The Return of the Tea-Drinker

Dear reader, how have you been? I haven’t written here for four months, for which I apologise. I’m not sure where the time went – some of it, unfortunately, went to a few very unpleasant people and places (sorry, I couldn’t find any postcards), but things are starting to look up. I’ve also just moved away from somewhere not very nice to somewhere very nice indeed. For the first time in over two years, I don’t have to worry when it rains (although I am now probably something of an expert in buckets and bleach spray). Without going into the soggy details, it’s a relief to be somewhere where I feel safe, warm and increasingly relaxed.

Anyway, dear reader, it’s great to be back on the blog and, as promised, I have foodie recommendations: the Norfolk edition. Food is even more interesting to me at the moment, for two reasons. In November, I had a flare-up in my back, which was mostly boring and painful. I got to discover the wide variety of ready meals out there, ranging in taste quality from ‘decent’ to ‘vastly improved by at least two glasses of wine’. Now that I can stand and move about again, I’ve been cooking and noting down things that I want to make, while also of course incorporating pacing and physiotherapy. I’ve also been very stressed over a long period of time, which had a huge effect on my appetite and meant that on some days all I’ve managed is a few bits of toast. I make good toast, but it gets a bit boring after a couple of weeks.

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‘”It’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen’.”

Although this is what I planned to do next in terms of blog posts, this post is even more appropriate due to con-lurgy finally making itself known to my immune system. Over the course of the weekend I’ve developed a cough, sneezed more than the usual several-dozen-a-day and now find myself curled up on the sofa in the Big Grey Woolly I reserve for such occasions as Feeling Under the Weather. Now that my chest has, for the moment, stopped squeaking, it’s blog time.

So, gentle reader, because it was one of the more memorable parts of Nine Worlds, I present my thoughts on the Film Track’s Saturday midnight film, ‘Army of Frankensteins’. Alan Jones is having the worst day possible – his landlady’s demanding the rent, he’s had a fight with his girlfriend and he’s kidnapped by Doctor Finski, a scientist who’s attempting to bring an assembled man to life. Due to a rupture in the multiverse, Alan, Doctor Finski and his assistant are sent back in time to the American Civil War, along with a multitude of monsters copied from the original. A sci-fi classic meets one of America’s most memorable periods of history…

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