Recipe: Sinus-Singeing Chicken Soup

Dear reader, if you, like me, have been surrounded by plague-carrying, lurgy-filled friends, you’ll either be in the depths of your own cold or desperately warding the germs off at the gate with a sword made of multivitamins and hope. I appear to have a cold, but it is, thankfully, the mildest possible: I’ve had a mild sore throat, felt a bit grotty and I’ve sneezed a few more times than the usual five or six in a row. However! This is by no means an excuse not to have a bash at making chicken soup, and so that’s what I did in the middle of a tonne of work, stress and a new attempt to organise my books (so far it’s not going well – the short stories keep getting confused and the less said about the academic section the better…). Have a recipe, dear reader, for a chicken soup that should at least be a more pleasant experience than sticking your head over a steaming bucket of Friar’s Basalm.

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It’ll also creak menacingly

Dear reader, I bring you good news, a recipe and plans. There was supposed to be a bit about Star Wars, but I’m so tired I can’t say much more than that I liked it, slightly amused by the Serious Facial Acting at the very end and I’m looking forward to the next film. Thankfully I was only spoiled for two events/plot elements in the film and one of them wasn’t wholly accurate, so bearing in mind I was about six weeks late I’m glad I managed to go in mostly not knowing what to expect.

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Best done while listening to loud music or Radio Four

Dear reader, early this week I received some very sad news. My coping mechanism in a situation where I am powerless is to bake and cook like there’s no tomorrow, so, dear reader, I have some recipes for you. Savouries first, followed by sweets, with an extra recipe tomorrow for a pie if it turns out well. Normal service will resume next Sunday (or possibly the Monday, depending on how late the pre-Nine Worlds meet-up on said Sunday runs).

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