Nine Worlds 2016: ‘Powerless Fathers and Other Mothers: Examining Family-Friendly Horror’

This went well! Already have ideas for next year’s submission(s)… Bibliography at bottom of page, after talk text. Thank you for coming and/or reading. Continue reading Nine Worlds 2016: ‘Powerless Fathers and Other Mothers: Examining Family-Friendly Horror’


Dystopian London: The Unreal City

Dear reader,

Nine Worlds went splendidly – I’ll have a proper write-up/general decompressing post later, but for now here’s the talk I gave on Sunday morning, as promised. Please note this great big warning for torture, general discussion of sex, psychological manipulation and all the other merry things you might associate with dystopian literature. Also, it’s a bit long.

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Nine Worlds

Another post so soon after the first, you ask? Well, yes, I reply, because I’ve just been to Nine Worlds and learned many helpful things, one of which was that setting up a blog is a Good Idea and that it’s polite to introduce yourself first on said blog before launching into sharing your work. So, from the Wonderful Land of Nine Worlds (seriously, I had such a great weekend), I bring you a poem, written for the Creative Writing track’s open reading slam on Sunday evening.

This poem should be bigger,

This poem should be long,

This poem should have covered

Everything within this con.

But all that I remember,

All that I recall —

Apart from Monsterclasses, fiendish quizzes,

Whedon-squeeing, food-geek-being,

Beating up the writer’s block and learning about steam and clocks,

Story-writing, bubble football, poetry readings — is that all?

Ah, yes! That thing that I’ll recall,

My ultimate memory is:

William Shatner Karaoke

At the – Film – Fes – tival – Film…