When one is tired of boxes, one is tired of life

Dear reader,

I’m not quite sure what the last few weeks have been up to. I know they’re around somewhere, possibly inside the sofa as it does have a tendency to eat things, but I swear I took my eye off them for one minute and suddenly it was the end of May. I dealt with some bad anniversaries. I didn’t do very much baking at all. I’ve seen friends when I’ve been able and kept myself busy where possible.

The good news is that I appear to have written nearly eight thousand words of a Thing. It’s a nice Thing. I mentioned it briefly in the last entry and it seems to have grown up enough to have its own capital letters. The Thing may never see the light of day, or at least be read outside of a small, highly-trusted group of friends, but it’s the first Thing that I’ve really felt might actually be a… thing. So there’s that. It’s got vampires and tea and the Thames skyline viewed from Greenwich in it and I’m going to give the Thing as good a chance as I possibly can.


I’ve been packing and sorting through my books in the last few weeks and that’s going surprisingly well – for the first time in five years my books are once again all in the same place and it’s a nice feeling, even if it does turn out that thanks to college and an English degree I’ve accumulated a small library and may need to choose between buying food and bookcases in the near future. Barney is very interested in so many boxes being around and has helpfully investigated each one, to prove to me that it is indeed a box and is up to standard as a box. He’s taking his pills, getting into the occasional scrape such as belly-planting against the conservatory window and generally being his usual excellent self.



If this entry sounds a bit down, it’s because I’m tired and my back is twinging. I’m not sure when I’ll be moving down to London properly, but things are coming along and I live with the general idea of ‘SOON’.

In the next entry, which will be soon, I’ll be having a go at Chuck Wendig’s flashfiction challenge, which will be mildly terrifying, hopefully in a good way. Thank you for reading and, if you happen to swing by on Friday to have a look at what I’ve written, extra thanks.


DH Lawrence in Mexico

Dear reader, it’s been a good week. It’s been a week for reflection and motivation and healing of the soul, as well as the body, and waking up to a small whistling noise and the realisation that the cat had farted directly into my ear. This post has a little seriousness in it, because today is Mother’s Day in the UK and I wanted to share my thoughts on that. Don’t worry, though – there are also some delightful Barney photos to prevent us all falling into the brown bin of introspection.

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Sometimes he jumps on my head

Dear reader, happy new year! I believe my 2016 will be full of good and excellent things, as well as some excellent cake.¬† I spent my New Year’s Eve on my sofa, Skyping in to a party in London – this was a lot of fun and made up for the fact I couldn’t get down to London thanks to the local cold.

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Inappropriate earworms and innovative ways of swearing

Dear reader, welcome to the ever-so-slightly-improved blog. It still needs some major tweaking, but look! A neutral colour scheme, with an image of the sea at Sheringham! Behold! Easy-to-click archive and category widgets! Witness! Me! Moving swiftly on, I think. This week has been surprisingly productive, given ongoing fatigue and both of my knees deciding to play silly buggers. Shortish entry this week, due to some tiredness and needing  to get back to a story.

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Cosmetic, edible and normal

Dear reader, one or two days turned into a whole week… sorry about that. In my defence, fatigue is, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, highly unpleasant. Anyway! The last couple of weeks have been interesting, with some very nice shiny bits, some of which included glitter of various types. This is quite a short entry, as for the last few days my brain has felt like it’s made of wet cake. Wet fruit cake, at that.

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