Sometimes he jumps on my head

Dear reader, happy new year! I believe my 2016 will be full of good and excellent things, as well as some excellent cake.  I spent my New Year’s Eve on my sofa, Skyping in to a party in London – this was a lot of fun and made up for the fact I couldn’t get down to London thanks to the local cold.

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Cosmetic, edible and normal

Dear reader, one or two days turned into a whole week… sorry about that. In my defence, fatigue is, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, highly unpleasant. Anyway! The last couple of weeks have been interesting, with some very nice shiny bits, some of which included glitter of various types. This is quite a short entry, as for the last few days my brain has felt like it’s made of wet cake. Wet fruit cake, at that.

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The really fun moment was when I sang into a courgette

Dear reader, it’s been another busy week, which I must admit is rather nice. As summer cools and fades into autumn and the graceful transition of earlier sunsets and cooler breezes is broken by the garden parasol ending up in next door’s garden again, my mind has been on new enterprises, Getting Things Done and jam.

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“Witness my banana.”

Dear reader, it’s been a week since Nine Worlds, which doesn’t feel quite right. Here’s my write-up-of-sorts – a small one because yesterday I cleared out my mother’s flat and I’m a bit tired (hence the slight vagueness of this entry).

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