“Y’know, they can actually fly.”

Crikey, dear reader – it’s been a while and many things have happened, including Gainful Employment. Not as much cake as I’d like, but with the Christmas period coming up I’m sure I’ll make up for lost time.

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Good old Mrs Walters

Dear reader, I’ll tell you this much: it’s been a ruddy strange week. Lots of personal stuff, really, which I’m not going to divulge, and baking, which I’ll talk about next time, but! Exciting news! I appear to be going to an open mic night, in Bristol, and I appear to be planning to read poetry there, and well goodness me if I don’t fall over or come out covered in rotten fruit I may well make this a regular thing, in London too.

Although, to be fair, when I was six years old and going up on stage to give my first recital, I tripped on the step and fell flat on my face. My teacher hoiked me up, dusted me off, told me it was all right and I went on and did the recital anyway. So it’s really just the rotten fruit that might be a problem. And even then, well… maybe it’s good for the complexion?

Anyway, dear reader, if you’re around or in Bristol on Thursday 20th, and fancy listening to various people including my good self sharing various stories, poems and whatnots, and don’t have any compostable materials with you, perhaps you’d consider stopping by. Thanks awfully.

Nine Worlds 2016

Dear reader, it’s been a while since I updated and certainly on a regular basis. Stuff, Things and Unpleasantness have been happening and I’ve not felt up to chirpily blogging when so much has been going on both in my personal life and in the news. Still, I couldn’t go to my third Nine Worlds without blogging about it, so:

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Nine Worlds 2016: ‘Powerless Fathers and Other Mothers: Examining Family-Friendly Horror’

This went well! Already have ideas for next year’s submission(s)… Bibliography at bottom of page, after talk text. Thank you for coming and/or reading. Continue reading Nine Worlds 2016: ‘Powerless Fathers and Other Mothers: Examining Family-Friendly Horror’

Failures and successes

Dear reader… whoops. To paraphrase a French penpal I once had, I fell in a puddle and off the blogosphere for a bit. Stuff, Bad Things, Pernickety Bits and Pieces, plus three weeks of home-hunting which felt more like three years. It’s aged me, dear reader. Anyway! I’m still alive and still have matching socks on (a sure sign of sanity).

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It’ll also creak menacingly

Dear reader, I bring you good news, a recipe and plans. There was supposed to be a bit about Star Wars, but I’m so tired I can’t say much more than that I liked it, slightly amused by the Serious Facial Acting at the very end and I’m looking forward to the next film. Thankfully I was only spoiled for two events/plot elements in the film and one of them wasn’t wholly accurate, so bearing in mind I was about six weeks late I’m glad I managed to go in mostly not knowing what to expect.

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It whispered of treasure troves and three fashionable things to do with seaweed

Dear reader, it’s been a mostly-good week. The shadow of not having had the exciting news I’d hoped I would has slightly cast itself over the last seven days, but fear not! I shall have this news, and it shall be excellent, and we shall all rejoice, or at least I will. In the meantime, I’ve been up to the usual, plus a bit extra.

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